Five Corners Designs

is a Design & Make think-tank based in Fairfax, California. We design and make our own inventions locally.

We also collaborate with designers and provide design services.

Our team has decades of experience in outcome oriented product development using state of the art tools to facilitate collaboration and re-use.



is our source of inspiration for design. We design because it brings us joy, and we make so that we can share it with you, with gratitude.

We aim to inspire with creative, sustainable alternatives for traditional home products and gifts.  Our designs are grounded in gratitude, joy, and peace, and our plan is to build momentum with these energetic themes and drive positive change with our solutions.

We are here today because of awe inspiring works from other humans that motivated us to become designers.  That inspiration made it irresistible and inevitable for us to join along.  We plan to amplify that inspiration and motivate waves of new designers.

Our promise is to delight our customers with unique designs that create a sense of wonder and curiosity.


Five Corners

honors a local trail crossing where friends from nearby towns meet to explore Mount Tamalpais.  Sharing a view from the summit is motivating, and a ride down is all smiles, but the climb up is where we earn it. 

  • 25+ years of expertise

    With over two decades of experience, we offer you proven product development from strategy to planning and execution.

  • Millions of daily active users

    Our track record includes product management for the subscription access component serving millions of daily active users who create billions of the mechanical, architectural, and media designs that make the world a better place.

  • 1 unique creation

    We have started with 1 simple creation of our own which serves as a proof of concept using our product development framework. Expect additional creations soon!