Flexies Collection

Where Designs Bend Nature

Welcome to the world of Flexies, where creativity goes to play! Our unique collection of laser-cut designs is a celebration of imagination and sustainability. Each Flexie is created with care and precision, and each design embodies the spirit of innovation.

From fun Flexie Fidget packs to sentimental shapes like states and islands, to gift cards and ornaments, every design tells a story.

Explore our most-loved designs, perfect for those who cherish nature, value originality, and seek a touch of whimsy in their lives.

Whether it's adding a personal flair to your home, gifting someone a piece of art, or inspiring youth with our educational sets, Flexies are more than just decorations – they're a lifestyle.

Embrace the creative spirit and let your space sparkle with the joy of flexibility!

The Design and Make Flex

At Five Corners Designs, the creation of Flexies was an experimental process, inspired by wood and natural materials and the unusual behavior when sliced with the laser.

Our journey always begins with the careful selection of sustainable materials - everything we produce is biodegradable. 

Each Flexie is a statement of our dedication to design, quality, and the planet. They are crafted to bring joy, inspire creativity and replace other options created from non-renewable resources!