Holiday Collection

Five Corners of Joy

Immerse yourself in the enchanting holiday collection where every special occasion becomes a canvas for creativity. Celebrate with us and give the gift of gratitude with a touch of nature's elegance.

Flexies Ornaments

The cornerstone of our holiday line, these exquisite, laser-cut wooden ornaments encapsulate the spirit of Christmas. Each ornament is a marvel of design. Flexies are crafted to capture your imagination and enliven your decorations with a playful twist, embodying the joy and warmth of the season in responsibly-sourced wood.

DIY Craft Kits / Gift Tags

Unleash your creativity with our Do-It-Yourself Craft Kits. Perfect for crafters of all ages, these kits offer an engaging way to create your own Holiday style.

And, when you are gifting something extra-special, add a wooden gift tag that will hang on the recipient's tree for years!

Gratitude in action