Who we are

Five Corners Designs is a Design & Make think-tank based in Fairfax, California. We design and make locally, and think and thank globally.

Our team has decades of experience in outcome oriented product development using a state of the art tools to facilitate collaboration and re-use.

We support the vision that:

All necessary designs and data required to solve the planetary environmental and humanitarian crises must be available in the public domain.

When we are

The planet Earth and inhabitants are at an inflexion point in time and space. What appeared impossible is actually possible, and what appeared distant future is NOW.

Five Corners Designs is at full strength, rested and on the starting blocks - poised to capitalize on the rapid advances in Design and Make capabilities driven by joint human and AI collaboration.

Where we are going

Ever forward, never backward, we will be harmonizing across time and space as we collaborate to solve climate and social justice problems.

We started with simple products with modest environmental benefits, in order to establish the framework and get the ball rolling.

We will scale the first product enough to fund our team to move on to more ambitous projects. We will use a collaborative effort to select and define the next products to develop.

Ultimately we will be designing and making products and tools which directly address our climate crises, such as water and food instability, and global climate change..

  • 25+ years of expertise

    With over two decades of experience, we offer you proven product development from strategy to planning and execution.

  • Millions of daily active users

    Our track record includes product management for the subscription access component serving millions of daily active users who create billions of the mechanical, architectural, and media designs that make the world a better place.

  • 1 unique creation

    We have started with 1 simple creation of our own which serves as a proof of concept using our product development framework. Expect additional creations soon!