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Lost in a Sea of Sameness?

You are not alone!

Like many of our discerning customers, you may find it increasingly difficult to discover decor that truly stands out, items that resonate with your unique taste and style. Standing out becomes an impossible challenge when the market is flooded with a uniform selection from the same ubiquitous online marketplaces.


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At Five Corners Designs, we not only understand your desire for distinctiveness; we celebrate it. We're committed to offering not just unique, but also top-tier quality products that defy the commonplace. Our design philosophy centers on innovation and exclusivity. With rapid design exploration and strictly limited production runs, we ensure that every piece we offer is part of a unique narrative, never mass-produced.


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We've honed our process to continuously bring fresh, inspired pieces to the forefront, allowing you to curate a collection as individual as you are. So, step away from the monotonous crowd, and dive into a world where originality and quality take center stage. Let Five Corners Designs be your guide in the quest for the extraordinary—we keep reinventing so that you can keep expressing yourself.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these products designed and made?

Our products are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

Where are your materials sourced?

We use untreated, responsibly harvested plywood as a primary material since it is
a renewable and biodegradable resource. 

We source all materials from sustainable providers and prioritize local supplies
whenever possible.

sourced from Moore Newton in Emeryville, CA which is certified for Responsible

Does Five Corners Designs provide design services?

Yes, we are a full design and make studio, and we love to collaborate with other designers and inventors. Hire us to accelerate your product development anywhere from concept to delighted customers.

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