Thank you for your interest in wholesale purchases of our products.

You can request a pricing sheet by using the contact form below. Include the name of your company and any other information you can share about how we can meet your needs.

If you already have a pricing sheet, you can place an order below, at the wholesale order form. Include your mailing address if we don't already have it.

Contact us for Wholesale Pricing

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Create a Wholesale Order

  1. Request a pricing sheet
  2. Use the Order form in the Pricing Sheet to list the products and quantities
  3. Calculate your order total based on your order.
  4. Create a wholesale order by selecting a Quantity of $100s and $10s and Adding them to the Cart. For example, to order $350 of wholesale goods, create 3 QTY of $100 and 5 QTY of $10 and add them to the card.
  5. Once your order is in the cart, add a note to your order, and copy/paste your order from the pricing sheet.
  6. Include your mailing address if we don't already have it on file.
  7. Complete the payment
  8. Receive order confirmation email, and shipping update emails.
  9. Receive follow-up customer service contacts