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Five Corners Designs

Pebbles and Marbles - 3' X 4' Hand-made mosaic

Pebbles and Marbles - 3' X 4' Hand-made mosaic

Embrace the intricate beauty of handcrafted expression with our Mosaic Mandala Artwork. Each piece in this collection is a human-made masterpiece, meticulously assembled with a kaleidoscope of vibrant tiles and shimmering beads. The mandala, an ancient symbol of harmony and unity, is reimagined through a modern mosaic technique, bringing forth a mesmerizing play of color and texture that invites contemplation and awe.

This particular artwork captures a symphony of hues, arranged into concentric circles and abstract forms that draw the eye inward, creating a sense of peace and spiritual balance. Skilled artisans carefully select and place each element, ensuring that every fragment contributes to the overall spectacle.

Purchasing this mosaic not only adorns your space with a unique piece of art but also supports the tradition of human artistry, honoring the hands that have brought these materials to life. This is more than decor; it is a celebration of human creativity, a tangible connection to the artist's vision, and a bold statement against the tide of artificiality.

Size:  3 Ft X 4 Ft

Designed and Made by Ella Crock

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